The concept of artinsmallplaces has evolved over the last 5 years but it has always been about somehow bringing art to the more rural, and somewhat underserved population of parts of Maine and New Hampshire. The zine creation reflects the fact that I now know a tremendous number of artists, musicians, actors and other creators who I believe will help me achieve this goal.

And, to make it even more interesting, I don’t want JUST art-related posts. I want it to be fun. I want it to be informative on other levels, too. It would stand to reason that the first bit of content comes from Bill Moore, a retired photojournalist and a recognized area photographer. But, please don’t expect that all the time!!

If you are interested in contributing, here are the “rules”:

  • Quality-As editor, I don’t mind adding a comma, but I do not want to rewrite a piece. Artwork should also look like you care about a piece, and aren’t just submitting to hopefully get exposure.
  • Topics-Open to pretty much anything. Events should be local (NH, ME, northern MA); opinions can be International. I encourage creative fictional writing as well. Poetry is also hoped for. I would love for all written material to have a visual, but that is not always possible.
  • Length-Until I really start getting more than a few submissions a day, the length should be under 500 words.
  • Bios and byline notes-Please include info about yourself, too. Keep it brief, but it is a way for the reader to identify with you, etc.
  • Please submit all materials to artinsmallplaces@gmail.com  I cannot pull from Facebook. The resolution is too low on visual materials and I’d rather get submissions directly from the source.

I hope to enjoy this ride as much as the readers.

Happy Holidays!!