R.MFA meeting minutes, December

As a member of the Curatorial Committee, I have access to some of the art world core in Rochester.


This is the crew, with some absences. From left to right: Peter Abate, Amy Regan, Esther Turner, the tree from Studleys, yours truly, Matt Wyatt. Bob Farrell and Rebecca Klementovich couldn’t stay, and James Chase couldn’t make the meeting.

Curatorial Committee Saturday, December 3, 2016, Meeting Minutes Page 1 of 4 printed 12/4/2016 @9:25 AM E.Turner ATTENDANCE Present: Peter Abate Bob Farrell Daryl-Ann Hurst Rebecca Klementovich Amy Regan Esther Turner Matt Wyatt Absent: James Chase The meeting began at noon at the Rochester City Hall.

1. Rochester Opera House Performance & Arts Center in the Former Carney Medical Building The target presently for opening is June 2017. Rochester Museum of Fine Arts will manage the gallery in the reception area at the front of the Center. With the extensive glass windows along the front, this will be visible not only to pedestrian traffic but also to vehicular traffic. It may be possible, if we have members on site, to changeover the exhibits each month. Matt Wyatt proposed an opening show with dramatic pieces by an artist of note.

2. Carnegie Gallery Exhibits Matt Wyatt and Amy Regan did the changeover this morning. Toby Gordon’s work came down. People who had seen the Toby Gordon exhibit came by to meet the artist. Diane Bowie Zaitlin’s exhibit went up and was reported to be outstanding. At the meeting Amy shared the work of three artists, one a possibility for our February exhibit and two possibilities for this summer’s Biennial.

3. Frisbee Memorial Hospital Bob Farrell advised that there has been vacant gallery space at Frisbee Memorial Hospital over the summer. Apparently they generally show the art work of local students. Although the summer of 2017 is promising to be a very busy time for the Museum and we are unlikely to want any additional exhibit space, this space is an opportunity we should be aware of for future summers.

4. Rochester Museum of Fine Arts Rochester Gay Pride Day The date for the 2017 event is not yet determined. It could be the last weekend in August. It could remain at the weekend after Labor Day like last year. Eventually the weekend after Labor Day will coincide with the 9/11 anniversary like it did in 2016, but next year September 11 is a Monday. ROCHESTER MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS Curatorial Committee Saturday, December 3, 2016, Meeting Minutes Page 2 of 4 printed 12/4/2016 @9:25 AM E.Turner If Hanson Street can be closed for the Gay Pride Event, the lamppost rainbow flags can be concentrated on Hanson Street. Perhaps a banner can be hung across the street for the event and in advance of the event, being mindful of coordinating with the James Foley Legacy Foundation Run that happens around the same time.

5. Rochester Listens/First Impressions Esther Turner attended the public meeting on October 26. Attendees broke out into sub-groups to brainstorm ways to develop the City of Rochester. A major theme that came out of the brainstorming was public art. Esther will continue to participate in the Community Vibrancy sub-group. Their next meeting is 6:00 pm Wednesday, January 4, 2016, at the Rochester Public Library.

6. Public Art Writ Large Matt Wyatt has already had some dialogue with James Chase about his work in Manchester and what might be done in Rochester. James has expressed interest in this possibility. Check out the garage door project that James did in Manchester: Highly geometric, colorful, great for multiple participants. If we had a high wall, Matt imagines a concentration on the first couple stories with a fade-away of some sort, like flames, into the higher stories. The ideal location would be highly visible with good access for community participants to join into the painting of the mural. Bob Farrell suggested planning a concentrated effort to get the mural completed within a day or two. It could be drafted onto the wall just prior to the community effort. The Museum would provide the paints and brushes. Paint can be held in storage for any touchups that may be needed for maintenance. Also, there are sealants/coatings that can be applied to keep the mural clean and graffiti-free. ROCHESTER MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS Curatorial Committee Saturday, December 3, 2016, Meeting Minutes Page 3 of 4 printed 12/4/2016 @9:25 AM E.Turner

7. Public Art Smaller Scale The small window murals at Factory Court, the walkway between North Main and the parking lot on Union Street, the space beside Revolution Taproom & Grill, are in need of an art upgrade. This could be the initial public art project, something that can be painted on plywood and then fastened in place.

8. Movie Night Members are encouraged to recommend shorts for inclusion in the next Shorts Night. This event will be scheduled in January or February, more likely February.

9. William Allen School Allen School Library has requested artwork for their library. This space would be suitable for some of the smaller pieces in the Museum’s permanent collection. Small pieces cannot be hung for an effective display with the hanging system as it exists now at the Rochester Community Center Hallway Gallery and remain in storage. Honoring this request fits with the Museum’s mission, “Art for Everyone” by reaching out to children in the community. The committee agreed to loan some of the small pieces to Allen School.

10. Festival of Trees The Museum is participating in the First Annual Festival of Trees being held Saturday, December 3, 2016, at Studley’s Flower Gardens. All members are invited to assist with decorating our tree this afternoon immediately after the board meeting. All materials are already purchased for members to create a gold on white tree.

11. Upcoming Events of Interest Rebecca Klementovich is working with fellow artist Kristen Pobatsching and with Jackson Ski Touring to create an outdoor art gallery in the snow. Saturday, February 11, 2017, is the date for “A Wintery Art Tour,” a day when the cross-country trail will be transformed into an art gallery. Peter Abate is opening a new show, “Timeworn—The Art of Architecture in Decline,” with fellow artist/photographer Gary LaPierre. This is a twelve-month traveling show which starts in Sanbornville, NH. Meet the artists at the reception at the Gafney Library, Saturday morning, December 10, 10:00 to 12:30. It will show in Conway, Wolfboro, Lynn MA, and Haverhill MA, ending in November, 2017.